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Vintage Car Museum

The most attractive part of goa state museum

Impotant Things About Vintage Car Museum

Ashvek Vintage World is a Vintage Car Museum situated in Nuvem, Salcete, Goa. It is Goa's first and only vintage car museum that showcases over a dozen vintage cars sourced from Goa or neighboring areas like Kholapur, Belgam and Sawantwadi.

The Ashvek Vintage World is also a pioneer in organizing vintage car rallies in Goa. The money sourced from restoration and preservation is reinvested in maintaining new and existing cars. The museum is open all days from 9am to 6pm except for Sundays.

Wax Word Museum in Goa

Old Goa is the property to India's second wax art gallery. Each statue is properly attractive of paraffin wax; the locks used is organic, although the sight and tooth are synthetic. The art gallery has over 30 life-size, sculptures of popular individualities of Native indian lifestyle, history and belief. One of the primary points of interest is the building of the 'last supper' which is 22 toes in total and loads 500 weight.
A information shares you through the sculptures at the musuem, and describes who the sculptures are of, what they signify and how lengthy it took to make the statue. The trip is in British and Hindi. Other primary points of interest consist of Mahatma Gandhi, Radha Krishna and Bethlehem. There is a statue known as 'say no to drugs' which reveals you the adverse reactions of getting medication and this really delivers the idea to lifestyle. The is a little present store where one can buy along with of various styles and forms and odors. Goa Chitra – An Ethnographic Museum.

Important Tourist Information

A labour of love by artist / restorer Victor Hugo Gomes, the Goa Chitra ethnological museum is no regular museum. For one, Gomes will personally guide you through room after room of artifacts that harken back to Goa's once robust agricultural and rural past. Ploughs that were less than a century ago used to till fertile land, earthenware pots that held many a curry, coconut shell ladles and spoons, wooden rice and grain measures, palm oil extractors and exhibits of cane storage bins - transport you back to village Goa, as it existed frozen in time until the 1970s. The place is a treasure trove of all things past and a major chunk of the display is dedicated to the old agricultural implements used by the farmer back in the day. Each section takes you on a journey through the different processes involved, right from tilling the land, to harvesting, processing to even storage. Even more interesting is the story of the museum's growing collection. It began by accident, when Gomes found he simply could not throw away the old implements he'd discovered while restoring crumbling Goan houses in the vicinity. As hobby turned to an obsession to document a dying heritage, the collection grew from 200 to 4000 artifacts. Religious home altars, traditional musical instruments, antique furniture, household articles, tools of the local village potter, weavers and smithies that once sustained a village make up that collection. Using the setting of his family's organic farm, the Goa Chitra has since begun a revival of traditional customs, in a hope to meld the past and the present. The vast property includes an art gallery, Roots: An organic farm, Tulsi: A recreational area, A performance area, farm house and Natural Elements: health and organic shop besides the main museum. In recent times a number of music concerts, book launches and workshops have been held at the premises. In 2009 Victor won the Verodiano Award in ‘recognition of his prodigious commitment to conserve and showcase Goa's ethnographic past for posterity's benefit and realization.'

Address: - Goa Chitra – An Ethnographic Museum St. John the Baptist church road, Mondo-Waddo, Benaulim, Salcete Goa -                   403716 India.

Mobile: - +91 9873734364

Email: -

Timings:- 9AM to 6PM

  • Rs. 200/- for adults
  • Rs. 30/- (Children above 5years)
  • Rs. 50/- (College going students)