A small stretch of green, small island is famous for snorkeling and is considered a perfect destination for divers. For snorkeling, training and equipment are provided by tour operators and operators. The island offers a very interesting scale along the coast of Goa and can be reached by a 30 minute walk into the sea.

On the small island you can also enjoy a day of rest, because there are many sailors who moor Basque. A boat can be hired from them or be asked to reach one out of the island. The boatman may ask you to come and pick one up the next day. So you can enjoy a free day on a private beach of their own.

San Jacinto Island: the most exotic part of South Goa

One of the most exotic places of South Goa - the San Jacinto Island is located just few kilometers north-east from the Dabolim International Airport. People say that in the 30's years of the 20th century, the San Jacinto inhabitants made a vow never to give the island on a lease and let construction companies to built touristic or industrial facilities on their land. That’s why nowadays this small island is a lovely green area, which has preserved the purity and charm of amazing Goa nature.
Most of the island is covered with forests and just the south-western coast is dotted with old houses, among which a beautiful old white church is overlooked above. It can be seen far away from the NH-17 Vasco – Panaji coastal highway. Local citizens call this church the St. Hyacinthi Cathedral and celebrate its birthday on the last Sunday of September. Due to the legend, the underground tunnel connects the old chapel with Siridao Beach resort, which is located on the far bank of Mormugao Bay. The island is connected with the nearest part of the mainland by the bridge with romantic name of Silver Gate Bridge. San Jacinto can be reached by a rented boat. Travel agencies organize different tours and excursions to the island at a regular basis.
On the San Jacinto Island you can also find a well-preserved old Portuguese lighthouse, from the top of which you can enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful views onto the Indian Ocean and the Goa coast. On the way to Vasco city resort, almost nearby, you can watch a standing proud from the water, completely tiny island with a cross in the middle which is known as San Antonio Island.