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Goa Best Time To Visit

Goa’s Peak season begins in October and ends in March

October to March

There is never a “best” time to visit Goa, any of the three seasons can provide and equally magical holiday. However, Goa’s Peak season begins in October and ends in March. A lot of people say the best time to visit “God’s own country” is between December and February. The winter temperatures range from 20° - 31° Celsius, making it the most pleasant time to visit.

Summer can also be invigorating in spite of the soaring temperatures which vary from a scorching 37° down to a not so fiery 28° Celsius. There are so many ways to beat the heat and enjoy the summer by indulging in Coconut water or lemonade or sugarcane juice or a few chilled Kingfisher beers. The beaches are safe to swim till Mid May and that is when the waters become a little choppy. You can go on excursions and boat trips. If you want to stay away from the heat you can always hide away in your hotel during the day and step out once the weather is a little more pleasant. You could catch the sun set at a beach shack. Make sure you have your sun block on because the sun can be very fierce between midday to mid afternoon. You can enjoy water sports and boat rides. Go on dolphin trips. This fun side does not close down till mid May when the seas start getting rough and choppy. Don’t forget to carry your swimwear, sun block and light cottons for this time of year. Avoid wearing dark colors during the day because that will make you feel twice as hot.

You could also humor your sweet tooth and feast on mangoes and mango desserts. Summer is mango season. This is one fruit you will never forget even if you tried. The monsoon season can get a little overwhelming with its almost non-stop rain but it definitely has its own mystical magnetism. Everything is so lush and green. Goa receives a rainfall of 2500 mm – 3000mm annually so there is no surprise about the amount of rain. On the down side, everything is a little messy, the beaches are absolutely unsafe to venture to. Swimming in the sea is out of the question but that will not stop you from checking out the flora and fauna, the wildlife, the nightlife (some places remain open during this time), there is always a way to find entertainment in this quiet little place be it indoors or outdoors.

Hello October, Goodbye Rains! Hello blue skies, goodbye gray! Now this would be the perfect time to visit. The weather is almost as hot as summer but all the shacks have reopened after the monsoons. The place is green and beautiful. The sea is safe to swim in. Goa is ready to rumble. The place slowly starts to buzz with people returning for another holiday, some visiting for the first time. The season is on. Do be warned however, there are a few random showers in October but they are only random. Winter time - The weather starts changing by end October. It starts getting cooler and a little more pleasant. By Mid November all the usual seasonal activities are functional like the Saturday Night Bazaar and infamous Anjuna Flea Market.

The entire Christmas season will have you on your toes. There are so many dances and parties to choose from. You have a pick of a suit and boot affair or a laid back time at one of the many discotheques or beach shacks. There is never a dull moment at this time. Towards the end of the season (March) you will find a distinct change in the weather. It starts getting warmer but the weather remains pleasant till almost end March. You can still choose your favorite excursions, whether it is sailing on a catamaran or a trip to Grand Island or a boat ride down the backwaters for a day of bird watching, there is always some activity to keep you busy. So no matter which time of year you choose to visit this laidback, sleepy land you will leave feeling rejuvenate and definitely longing to return.