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Goa State Museum

The Most Attractive Place In Goa

Impotant Things About Museum

Goa State Museum is located in Panjim, which is the capital city of Goa. This new museum complex, located in the EDC Complex in Patto, was inaugurated by the President of India when it first opened on June 18th, 1996. Prior to this date, artifacts was set up in the Department of Archives in Goa by the Archeology & Museum unit. Thereafter, a small museum was opened to the public on September 29th, 1977 in a rented building at St. Inez, also in Panjim.

The museum currently has around 8,000 artifacts on display, which include stone sculptures, wooden objects, carvings, bronzes, paintings, manuscripts, rare coins, numismatic collection, and anthropological objects. It is well known among other museums for its collection of Hindu and Jain artifacts and scriptures.

Naval Aviation Museum in Goa

Naval Aviation Museum is one of the famous museums in Goa which is a magnificent tribute to the origin and evolution of the Indian Naval wing. It is the first Naval Museum that is situated in Asia out of the seven naval aviation museums that are present in the world. The museum was inaugurated on October 12, 1998 in Bogmalo which is 6 Kms from Vasco Da Gama. The museum includes armaments, vintage war crafts, war crafts, weapons, safe gears, sensors and ancient photographs. It is the only museum in Asia that exhibits cherished objects from the Navy.

Important Tourist Information

The timings for visiting naval museum in Goa are 10 am to 5 pm. The archives museum opens on all days except Mondays. The admission charges to museum costs Rs. 20 for adults and cameras are charged separately. The main attractions of Naval Aviation Museum in Goa are weapons, vintage aircrafts, photo gallery and ornaments.

At Naval Aviation Museum

The Naval museum houses a few naval aircrafts that have served the homeland. Earlier the museum had started with only 6 aircrafts and now it has grown into one of India’s largest naval museums. The tourists from all over the globe will be thoroughly impressed by the collection of 12 royal aircrafts that stand proudly at the museum. The main attractions in Naval Aviation museum are Alize, Dove, Sea Hawk, Super Constellation, Giant Lockheed L-1049G Vampire, Sealand, Hughes and Sea Harrier. The museum is divided into two sections – outdoor and indoor galleries. The outdoor section is a huge park that houses planes and helicopters. A small number of them date back before the 1940s. The main attraction of the outdoor section is the Super Constellation, Giant Lockheed L-1049G purchased by the navy from the Indian Air Force.